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Commercial Roofing Services from C.R. Thompson Roofing

Are you looking a commercial roofing company located in the Philadelphia, PA area that can repair or install rubber or metal roofing? Are you in need of an emergency roof repair service or a company that can replace siding?

Well, look no further than us here at C.R. Thompson Roofing as we provide these services and much more to business and commercial property owners in and around Philadelphia, PA.

Since the beginning, and for over three decades, C.R. Thompson Roofing has been family-owned and operated and based in the great city of Philadelphia. We can install new commercial roofing systems, perform roof repairs and maintenance, offer re-roofing services, and much more. All of our estimates are complimentary, and we take pride in performing quality work that our customers can always afford. Furthermore, we offer discounts to firefighters, police and senior citizens, and also provide warranties. Inevitably, if it’s a new and more energy-efficient roof you want or need your roof repaired quickly, you can contact us immediately.

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The roof on your commercial building will always be one of the first defenses you have against Mother Nature and the elements. Furthermore, its condition and age are fundamental to consider if you want to help ensure that your entire building, all of your equipment, and its inhabitants are thoroughly protected.

In fact, if you’re the owner of a commercial property or the owner of one of the many businesses that inhabit a large commercial structure, it’s important for you to know that regular maintenance and inspection services are necessary to help guarantee the roof is doing its job. Sometimes, we even suggest that our customers follow a regular maintenance schedule to protect the building from suffering any minor or major due to a roof that has been compromised.

How can you recognize if there are any problems with your commercial property’s roof?

Some of the warning signs that you may have a serious problem with your roof includes:

  • Water stains on the ceilings or walls.
  • Unexplained odors or mold.
  • You find that shingles are missing in spots on your roof or that some shingles are buckling and curled.
  • You see daylight filtering through certain areas of your building’s attic (if it has an attic).

If you can’t recall the last time you’ve had a contractor visit your property and inspect your roof, or even what age your roof might be, reach out to us right away. Unfortunately, you can’t always identify all of the minor or major signs that a roof needs repairs or replacing. Sometimes, they can only be identified by a professional who can walk on your roof safely.

Roofing Care and Maintenance Provided by C.R. Thompson Roofing

When it all comes down to it, there’s no doubt that a roof that is properly maintained will protect your building, equipment, and everyone who works or lives there. To learn more about our commercial roofing services, the types of commercial structures we can work on, and much more, please give us a call, or fill out a contact form right here on our site.