How Often Should You Have a Commercial Roof Inspection?

Two professional roofers are inspecting a large commercial roof at sunrise. One is holding a walkie talkie.

As a business owner, you’re often extremely busy handling all your company’s affairs. From managing employees to ensuring the quality of your products or services, running a business is a time-intensive endeavor. Many times, business owners will delegate responsibilities to other individuals or outside parties in order to effectively and efficiently manage the company. One such task that should be delegated to professionals is a commercial roof inspection.

Commercial roof inspections are a necessary component of running your business. Whether your area was recently hit by severe weather or it’s been a long time since the roof was checked, having a commercial roof inspection is essential to maintaining your company.

Here we’ll discuss the importance of roof inspections for businesses and how often a company’s roof should be inspected.

The Importance of a Commercial Roof Inspection

Having a roof inspection performed on your business is important for several reasons. The first being that the roof of your building protects both your products and services. If your company’s roof is damaged, water and other issues will develop that will threaten the business.

Additionally, having a commercial roof inspection performed will ensure that the structure is safe and not a hazard to your employees and customers. A sound and secure roof is essential to everyone’s safety, and having an inspection guarantees that.

Finally, many localities have requirements regarding the maintenance of commercial buildings. In order to remain compliant with local regulations, you may need to have a commercial roof inspection performed on a yearly or bi-annual basis.

How Often Should a Commercial Roof Be Inspected?

Most professionals recommend having a roof inspection performed on your commercial roof twice a year. This is especially crucial for businesses that utilize a flat roof system. Having bi-annual inspections ensures that any potential problems are spotted almost immediately. Measures can then be taken to repair any issues that have developed before they become more serious in nature.

The importance of inspecting a flat roof can not be overstated. Flat roofs are an excellent way to shield a structure from weather, yet many problems can develop if a flat roof is not maintained properly. Flat roofs are susceptible to thermal expansion, water ponding, debris build-up, and other issues if not thoroughly checked on a bi-annual basis.

What Should Be Checked During a Commercial Roof Inspection?

Another question you might be asking yourself is, “what needs to be checked during a commercial roof inspection”? First, roof inspections should be performed by a professional roofing company. Roofing contractors will be able to spot problems that might be missed by the untrained eye. Additionally, professionals will be able to easily traverse a roof structure, whereas a non-professional will be placing themselves in danger by walking on a roof.

There are several things that should be examined during your commercial roof inspection. They include:

  • Examine all structural components such as metal, wood, fasteners, and hardware
  • Check ceiling conditions and upper walls for cracks and water intrusion
  • Check drainage systems to ensure water isn’t pooling in areas

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