Leaking Roof? Here’s What You Need to Know

water dripping from a leaking roof into buckets

Have you spotted water dripping from the ceiling? Then you could have a leaking roof. If it’s your first time dealing with one, you may be unsure what actions to take. However, there’s no reason to panic. Here’s what to do when a roof is leaking in five easy steps.

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How Long Should a New Roof Last?

how long does a new roof last

It can be pretty tempting to ignore the future and enjoy the present benefits of your newly installed roof. It’s always good to enjoy the product of your hard work, but you should already have an idea of how long your roof will last into the future.  Whether you’re enjoying the perks of a roof […]

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Why Adding a New Roof Can Help Save You Money

A beautiful suburban home sites along an idyllic street. The house has a new shingle roof and is white and gray in color.

Brand new roofs are beautiful, improve the curb appeal of a home, and provide more interior comfort thanks to their improved durability and ventilation, among other benefits. However, one of the most impactful advantages of a new roof replacement is that it can save you money. Although you’ll need to pay for its installation, there […]

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How Often Should You Have a Commercial Roof Inspection?

Two professional roofers are inspecting a large commercial roof at sunrise. One is holding a walkie talkie.

As a business owner, you’re often extremely busy handling all your company’s affairs. From managing employees to ensuring the quality of your products or services, running a business is a time-intensive endeavor. Many times, business owners will delegate responsibilities to other individuals or outside parties in order to effectively and efficiently manage the company. One […]

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How to Increase Curb Appeal With a New Roof

A Beautiful residential home with large entryway and windows.

Contacting an emergency roof repair contractor after the roof of your house sustains damage provides an opportunity to also increase the curb appeal of your home. Roofs don’t just offer protection from the elements but also greatly contribute to the overall appearance of your home. The better the curb appeal is, the more likely those […]

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Why is Roof Ventilation Important?

roof contractor fixing ventilation vent

We’ve all been there — the attic that’s practically frozen during the winter becomes a sauna in summer. Without proper ventilation, your attic can affect any room on your second or third floor and wreak havoc with the temperature throughout your property. Not only that but constant heating and cooling can lead to roof shingles […]

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What to Look for In a Roof When Buying a Home

woman holding house key and miniature home

When you’re planning on buying a home, you probably have an entire checklist to help guide you through the inspection process. From mold in the basement to leaking HVAC units, most future homebuyers already have an intuitive sense of what to look for on the inside of a house. However, too many people overlook the […]

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How Professional Roof Repairs Can Save You Money

Keeping your roof well-maintained is essential to extending its lifespan while also improving curb appeal for your home. Reaching out to a company offering emergency roof repair in Philadelphia is a great way to stay proactive and keep your home in excellent condition. Our professionals can quickly repair your roof, which can save you a […]

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Preventative Maintenance Tips for Commercial Roofs

A roof is one of the biggest investments for your business. Keeping your roof well-maintained is a great way to extend its lifespan while also reducing the need for repairs. Following a few preventative maintenance tips will help keep your roof in excellent condition. However, it’s always important to contact a company offering emergency roof […]

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