3 Tips to Follow When Cleaning Out Your Gutters

With the fall weather finally starting to become more and more common, our lawns will soon be covered in leaves. The fall foliage can be a refreshing sight to see following the summer heat, but those leaves should also be cleaned up and discarded in a safe and quick manner. We here at C.R. Thompson, the top choice for roofing in Philadelphia, want all homeowners to be safe when cleaning out leaves from their gutters.


Homeowners should clean out their gutters at least once a year. Anyone living on a property with overhanging trees is encouraged to clean their gutters out twice a year. However, before anyone steps foot on a ladder to clean out their gutters this fall; it is important to keep these tips in mind.


Use The Right Equipment

Cleaning gutters may not be considered the most important job around the house, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need the right equipment for the job. Not having a high enough ladder or protective gear can lead to damage to your home or even injuring yourself. We strongly advise everyone to only clean their gutters if they feel comfortable and also have the right equipment for the job. Remember, you can always contact us for assistance.


Pick The Right Day

We know how busy you are. Putting aside an hour or two on the weekend isn’t always the easiest thing. However, it is important to only clean your gutters on the right day. We don’t recommend cleaning out your gutters on a day with high winds or the chance of rain at any moment. Wait for a beautiful fall day to break out the ladder and do some housekeeping.


Be Very Cautious

Hundreds of people each year get injured while cleaning, or shall we say, attempting to clean their gutters. Before you climb up onto your ladder, it is important to have a good understanding of what you’re doing beforehand. On top of that, we want everyone to remember not to do more than they feel comfortable. If you feel nervous climbing onto the side of your home, give us a call today. Our professionals are more than happy to help assist you this fall.


Anyone who has been searching for a dependable company when it comes to emergency roof repair in Philadelphia should consider our services at C.R. Thompson Roofing. For over 100 years, we have kept homes and businesses safe and dry all year round. Give us a call today at 215-375-7904 to get started.


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