4 Reasons to Have Your Roof Inspected This Spring

At C.R. Thompson Roofing, every spring we see an influx of calls from homeowners who are experiencing damage to their roofs following the winter season. Living along the east coast, we are no strangers to heavy snow and strong winds during the winter season.


In order to make sure your roof is still in excellent condition before the summer heat comes, here are four reasons to have your roof inspected this spring.




Breaking out the ladder to check your gutters for debris that can be causing water flow not to drain properly can be a hassle. Our experts can detect drainage issues, which can lead to leaks and flooding in certain areas of your home. While checking for debris, we will also look for loose or leaky gutters.




Giving a good look at your shingles is the easiest way to see if your roof may need to be replaced soon. Able to be seen from the ground, examining shingles is also the easiest way to inspect your roof from a physical perspective. It is also to make sure you are actually looking to see if you are missing shingles. Just because you walk out to the driveway and find a shingle or two doesn’t mean it came from your roof.


Shingles that appear to be buckled or cracked are also signs that your roof may need to be replaced or re-shingled. You can call our experts to take a closer look at your shingles.




Dampness or mold can be found near your roof. If your house has an attic, we strongly suggest going up to the attic and inspecting the ceiling and walls. If there is any sign of mold or dampness in the attic, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at C.R. Thompson Roofing, the leading roofers in Roxborough, PA.




There is no shame in leaving your roofing concerns to the experts. Not everyone is a licensed roofer, we at C.R. Thompson Roofing are currently inspecting roofs for homeowners in the Greater Philadelphia area and all over South Jersey to make sure that their home survived the grueling winter weather.


If you want to find out more information on C.R. Thompson Roofing, schedule a roof inspection or see what makes us the best choice for emergency roof repair in Philadelphia, PA, browse our website today!


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