Commercial Roofing Checklist to Prepare for Cold Weather

Fall has arrived, and if you own a business, you always have a lengthy to-do list, no matter the season. The day-to-day responsibilities of running — and growing — a successful company are enough to keep you working around the clock. It’s easy to push “roofing maintenance” way down on the list of priorities and just trust that your reliable old roof will continue to keep your facility dry and warm throughout the fall and winter.

However, the consequences of neglecting your commercial roof can be severe. Imagine how much time and energy you’ll have to waste if the roof springs a leak. Imagine the repair bills!

Trust the leading emergency roof repair experts in Philadelphia to spare you that hassle. Here are four essential tasks we recommend performing to get your roof ready for the colder weather months.

Have Your Roof Inspected

We can’t overstate the importance of having a professional roofer come out and assess the condition of your roof, gutters, flashing, shingles — the entire package. A trained eye will be able to spot cracks, gaps, holes, and issues with weatherproofing that, left untreated, could turn into big issues down the road when snow and ice begin to pile up.

Clean Roof and Gutters

Clearing off piles of leaves, fallen tree branches, and other debris that has fallen over the spring and summer months will not only enable your roofer to spot issues with the roof; it will ensure everything works the way it’s supposed to for the months to come.

Assess the Area

Are there any overgrown trees around your building that need to be trimmed? Don’t ignore potential problems because you don’t want to pay to get them fixed. Ice and snow are heavy, and winds can be strong. Brittle tree branches falling on your roof can puncture the membrane that keeps the interior of your facility warm and dry.

Develop A Plan

Your employees should know what to do and who to call if there’s ever a roofing emergency and you’re not around. In those situations, it’s important to act quickly, so the problem doesn’t get worse and your property doesn’t suffer unnecessary damage.

You don’t have to worry about any of the above with C.R. Thompson Roofing in the neighborhood. We’re the go-to source for commercial roofing maintenance and repairs for businesses throughout the Philadelphia area, whether they need a roof replacement in Bucks County, PA, or their gutters are old and broken. Contact our company today to schedule a roof inspection or discuss any other commercial roofing needs!


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