Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Roof for the Summer

Winter weather can have devastating effects on both residential and commercial roofing systems. Although many people take steps to winterize their rooftops, is your roof prepared for when the weather starts to warm up?

As the leading provider of asphalt roofing in Philadelphia, we’ve collected some tips to help you prepare your roof to withstand the summer weather, without sustaining damage.

Clean the Gutters

Guttering provides an outlet for water and debris to escape from a home or businesses roofing system. Without essential maintenance on guttering, roofs can have difficulty draining correctly. During winter, snow, ice, and debris can block rain gutters. As temperatures begin to warm, we recommend conducting a thorough inspection of your guttering system.

Flush out any debris from the gutters and downspout, and identify any leaking areas that become visible. If there are any compromised seams, apply a fresh coat of sealant. This will help to protect your roof and guttering system from any summer storms or bouts of extreme weather.

Inspect Roof Shingles for Wear and Tear

Winter storms can have a devastating effect on the shingles that cover your rooftop. Worn out shingles fail to protect your home sufficiently from the rain and wind. Prepare your home for the summer by inspecting shingles as soon as frost and snow thaw from your roof.

Keep your eyes peeled for severe damage such as missing slates and curled edges on a section of the shingles. Any missing or broken shingles need to be replaced or repaired immediately. If you repair damaged shingles with a matter of urgency, you can prevent the chances of a leak from developing into your home.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

If it has been four years since your last roofing inspection, we recommend giving a professional roofing company a call and booking a routine inspection. This is especially important if the roof is more than 20-years-old. Professional roofers can spot signs of weakness or damage before they develop into more severe issues. Repairing any minor damages will prevent further costs to your family.

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