What Are Ice Dams and How Can I Prevent Them?

If you have a home that’s in a snowy area, you probably already know that you should have C.R. Thompson Roofing saved in your phone’s contacts in case of a seasonal emergency caused by snow. However, did you know that ice also presents a danger to homes in the winter season?


While the memories of icicles hanging from your gutters may seem like forever ago now, the fall season is in full swing, which means that you could be calling their preferred provider of emergency roofing in Philadelphia due to damage caused by ice dams.


Ice building up on your home’s roof is the stuff of nightmares for most residents. Significantly heavier than snow, ice is difficult to remove and can cause damage requiring our expert roofers to remove. Ice dams are chunks of ice that form along the perimeter of your roof and sometimes can work their way into the gutters to create an even larger problem.


Snow piling on top of your roof is typically not a very big problem for your roof unless there is an extreme amount of it that has caused a buildup. You should remember to call an expert if you notice 12 inches or more of roof snow accumulation. However, when your home starts to heat, the snow on the roof can begin to melt and drip down the roof, refreezing on its path. This causes an ice dam, which can quickly become a major hassle for you.


The best way to prevent an ice dam is to make sure that your roofing insulation is up-to-date and efficient. The less heat that is able to make its way through your roof, the less you’ll have to worry about an ice dam forming.


If you are want to get your home ready for winter or want to inquire about flat roofing services in Philadelphia, we encourage you to contact us today!



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