Slate Vs. Asphalt Shingles: What Roof is Right for Your Home?

Slate Roof Shingles

Bucks roofing services, like those found at C.R. Thompson Roofing, can use numerous different types of materials when creating a roof, and two of the common ones available include slate and asphalt. While asphalt shingles and slate tiles both serve as excellent roofing, only one can be chosen for each roof. Both have various benefits that make them sound roofing material, so picking one can be challenging. To help make a decision, think about which of these six traits you care about the most to narrow down the type of roofing that’s best for your home.


If you’re thinking about building with asphalt shingles or slate roofing and are worried about dangerous storms, then slate is the right choice. Not only will they last for many years and resist inclement weather, but they are also fire resistant. Additionally, they do not grow mold as easily as other types of roofing, making them the perfect choice in damper climates.


Is budget a major concern for you? Then asphalt roof shingles are much more affordable. They cost less than slate because they’re easier to manufacture, in addition to their lower installation price. However, slate is more cost-effective in the long term. Because of its durability, it doesn’t need to be replaced for a very long period of time (up to 100 years) and requires fewer repair costs to maintain.


Roofs can be incredibly heavy and require a structurally sound home frame to support their weight. Between asphalt shingle and slate tiles, the first is much lighter. The lighter composition of asphalt roofing means your home will be more likely to support it than other roofing materials. As a result, you likely won’t need to upgrade your home with more robust materials when installing asphalt shingles.

Installation Speed

If you’re deciding between asphalt and slate tiles based on the speed of their roofing installation, then the former is the quicker option available. Less specialization is needed for installing asphalt roofing than slate roofing, meaning the process is faster than a slate installation.


There are numerous design options available for asphalt shingles and slate roofing, but they differ based on material. As asphalt is manufactured, there are an array of colors available, making it more flexible when matching the hue of your home. Its darker colors can complement the looks of both traditional and modern homes, which lends itself to a variety of different residences. Slate meanwhile evokes a considerably more rustic and elegant appearance, making it a perfect fit for those who desire more natural beauty.


The best choice for environmentally friendly roofing is slate. As slate is created from rock and very few added materials, there is little refinement and processing involved with its creation. By coming from such natural materials, it is one of the greenest options available on the market and is more sustainable than other roofing options.

If you ever need a roof replacement in Bucks County, Pa, or the surrounding areas, contact C.R. Thompson Roofing for reliable roofing installation.


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