What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your Roof

A tree on a home

Storms and hurricanes can cause many disasters, such as flash flooding or power outages, but strong winds can also cause trees to fall. Should one drop on your home, do you know what to do when a tree damages the roof? Before contacting roof repair in Philadelphia, PA, learn the eight steps to take if a tree falls on the top of your house.

Evacuate Your Home Immediately

The first and most vital step you must take if a tree falls on the roof is to leave your house immediately. Ensure that all your family members and pets safely evacuate, and if possible, try to grab valuable items, such as car keys and credit cards, as it may be unsafe to return inside. Keeping all your essentials in the same place, such as in a bag, before a storm occurs will expedite the process.

Call 911 as Soon as Possible

After safely evacuating, you should call 911 to tell them that a tree fell on the roof. However, there is no need to do so if the tree fell elsewhere in your yard. But if a tree topples over onto your home, a car, or into the road, then you should let authorities know sooner rather than later. Once they’re informed, they’ll offer help by blocking off your street from traffic or putting the local fire department on hold if the situation worsens.

Contact the Electrical Company

If a tree fell on power lines, then contact your local electrical company. They’ll send experienced technicians to repair the lines, but even if the electricity still works in your home, consider turning it off for the time being; downed lines can be risky!

Prevent Further Damage From Occurring

Tree damage isn’t the only problem you should worry about when one falls on your roof. The impact might damage gas lines, which could be dangerous if there is a leak. Regardless of whether or not you see your gas line damaged, it would be best if you shut off your gas meter to prevent any more gas from flowing into the home.

Take Ample Documentation

After a tree falls on your roof, you may feel inclined to call the insurance company immediately. However, make sure to take some photographs of the damage, such as structural damage, broken windows, and other issues. These photos will serve as evidence for your homeowner’s insurance claim. If it’s too dangerous to set foot inside, do not take interior pictures, but if you have roofing professionals removing the tree, ask them to take photos while they’re working on the damage.

Reach Out to an Insurance Agent

Now that you have proof of your tree-damaged roof, it’s time to speak with an insurance company. Some insurance will cover repair costs caused by fallen trees, and insurance agents will help you navigate the complexities of the process. It’s important you take this step before consulting a roofing contractor for permanent repairs, as you and your insurer need to agree on the claim amount first.

Find a Roofing Contractor

Next, it’s time to find a roofing company to repair your tree-damaged roof. While there are many reputable roofing contractors on the market, some aren’t so trustworthy. If you do not already have a preferred roofing contractor, take the time to find one you can rely on for repairs.

Lock Doors and Windows

While roofing contractors work on repairing your tree-damaged roof, you may need to sleep somewhere else due to safety concerns. If such an event occurs, you should lock the doors and windows of your home, so it is secure while you are away.


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