A Brief Fall 2020 Home Roofing and Exterior Maintenance Checklist by C.R. Thompson Roofing

Now that Labor Day has passed, more and more homeowners will have thoughts of home maintenance tasks running through their heads. With the 2020 fall season just days away, our emergency roof repair company in Philadelphia thought it would be best to share a checklist of items that will help to ensure your home’s roof and other exteriors have a better chance of handling the elements.

Schedule an Inspection for the Roof

Even though most people are good at remembering to schedule their annual heating and plumbing maintenance inspections, many forget that it’s also important to schedule one for a roof. It may seem unimportant compared to your heating and plumbing checkups, but a roofing inspection shouldn’t be overlooked. While you can do something as simple as take a walk outside and check for things such as broken or missing shingles, water spots, and discoloration, an inspection will bring bigger issues to light. If the roof is older — or you don’t know how old it is — we highly recommend you schedule an inspection asap!

Take a Trip Up to the Attic

Aside from checking the outside of your roof, you can also check your attic to discover if there are any leaks or holes. Doing this provides a different, closer look of the status of your roof in addition to what you saw — or didn’t — outside.

Trim All Overhanging Branches

There’s no denying that we’ve discussed this several times in past blogs, but it’s worth stressing again. Overhanging branches can cause anywhere from minor to severe damage to your roof — especially if Mother Nature throws some bad fall and winter storms your way.

Drain Garden Hoses and Turn Off Exterior Faucets

Read any article about plumbing maintenance tips for fall and/or winter, and two of the tips you’ll see is to drain garden hoses and turn off all exterior faucets. If you don’t do these simple tasks, the greater the chance any frozen water could cause your pipes to burst and your garden hoses to break.

In addition to what is mentioned above, there are many other tasks you should be doing to make sure your home’s roof and other exteriors are ready for the colder months ahead. To learn more, please check out our previous blog posts, or just reach out to our flat roofing company in Philadelphia.


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