Can I Replace My Roof in the Winter?

The best time for a roof replacement is usually during the spring, summer, or early fall months. Warmer weather makes it much easier to install a roof, which expedites the entire process. However, you may need to use emergency roof repair in Philadelphia due to the aftermath of a storm or a natural disaster. Our roofing professionals can quickly assess your roof’s damage and determine if you need an immediate replacement or if you can wait until the spring.

Here are a few things to consider if you do, in fact, end up needing to replace your roof during the winter season.

Requires Additional Time

One of the main reasons the majority of roofs are replaced during warmer weather is due to the sealant used for asphalt shingles. The strip of sealant on an asphalt shingle automatically seals by interacting with warm temperatures. However, roofers must hand-seal each shingle during the winter to ensure it bonds properly. Hand-sealing requires additional time, as roofers are unable to rely on the natural heat of the sun.

Less Flexibility

Another challenge of replacing a roof during the winter months is that the shingles are less flexible. Asphalt shingles are also more difficult to cut in colder weather. The humidity in the air and the shingles’ temperature will also impact the performance of pneumatic guns for driving in the nails. A roofer will need to adjust these settings to avoid over or under-driving each fastener.

Safety Concerns

Finding ideal conditions to replace a roof in the winter season isn’t always easy due to inclement weather. Roofs are often more slippery during the winter, as taking extra precautions is essential to safety. Roofing crew members will also need to take frequent breaks to warm up and ensure the job is done right.

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