How to Help Ensure Your Roof Will Outlast the Winter Season

Even though you should be monitoring the condition of your home or commercial property’s roof as often as you can, it’s vital that you check on it during the fall, and most certainly, before Old Man Winter arrives. After all, as roofing contractors that have served countless customers in Levittown, PA, Philadelphia, and many other areas, we know that the last thing you want to see after a rainstorm is your living room carpet drenched with water!

If we have you convinced of the importance of making sure your roof is ready to survive the winter and whatever fury Mother Nature brings, here are a few things we strongly suggest you get a move on doing:

Scheduling an inspector to come out and review the current state of your home or commercial property’s exteriors.

As roofing contractors that have served towns like Warminster, PA for the past several decades, we can’t express enough how vital it is that you have your exteriors inspected before winter arrives or especially before a major fall or winter storm strikes. It doesn’t matter if your roof was installed several years ago or last year—having it inspected won’t hurt. Our inspectors may find missing or loose shingles, leaks, or any other minor problems that could lead to big issues.

Removing dead branches and trimming trees.

No matter where you live, you might have heard stories of older trees crashing through the roofs of homes. However, did you know that branches can also do similar damage? Snow can weigh down dead branches and cause them to crash through windows, and even your roof, if they are big and strong enough. Furthermore, you should know that trimming any trees will also help to prevent leaf build-up in gutters, and thus, water from seeping into you home.

Making sure your gutters are free of ANY debris.

If you neglect to check your gutters after the leaves are done falling, water can get stuck, and then freeze and expand in the winter. Not only will this damage your gutters, but it can also negatively impact your roof.

When it all comes down to it, if you want to help guarantee a property’s exteriors do their job all throughout the year, it’s important to show them some attention! To learn more about how you can keep your exteriors in great condition, please call or email us here at C.R. Thompson Roofing.


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