How to Plan Ahead and Avoid Hurting Yourself and Damaging Your Roof When Hanging Christmas Lights

If you’re above a certain age, the possibility of hanging Christmas lights on your house or roof can seem like a dangerous and daunting task. As a leading provider of residential and commercial roofing in Philadelphia, we want to ensure the safety of all our customers and potential customers during this time of the year.

For this reason, we’ve collected a few tips to help keep you safe and your roof from being damaged as you put up your Christmas lights this year.

Safety First!

Firstly, we strongly advise against walking around your roof for safety reasons. Never climb up steep areas to put up your Christmas lights because it’s not worth the injuries that you could sustain from falling. If you’re determined to place your lights up high, work with a professional to avoid accidents. 

Never lean a ladder on your gutters because if they break, you could injure yourself. Also, don’t use a rickety ladder when hanging lights. 

Check all cords and lights to ensure that they are approved for outdoor use, and if they are not, they could be a serious electrical hazard. If any cords are frayed or damaged, discard them. Lastly, check that all lights are working and intact before you put them up, even if they are brand new.

Plan Ahead

Look at the lights that you already own, and the ones that you plan on buying. Make sure that all lights will complement one another. LED lights can have a bluish tint to them, which will make any incandescent lights look orange if they are intertwined.

Additionally, LED lights are cheaper to run, and they won’t overheat. Although more expensive, they are well worth the initial upfront costs.

Examine any areas where you plan to hand your lights, including gutters and landscaping. Planning ahead will mean that you’ll never run out of lights. Also, make sure you know where your power source is located. In newer buildings, they are often outside the house. However, in older buildings, you may have to run a power cord through a window to power your decorations. In any case, the location of your power outlet will impact your design plans, so bear this in mind. 

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