What Type of Roof Shingle Are You?

Everyone is unique, and our different personalities are one of the best and most interesting things about life. Did you know that roof shingles in Philadelphia also have a number of different “personalities” that can vary just as much as their materials and uses?  It’s true! You might know which type of cake you are or which member of the cast of Friends would be your best friend, but now you can learn which type of roof shingle matches your personality as well!

If you’re simple and easy to get along with:

You are an asphalt shingle! The most common type of shingles are made of asphalt, and roofers in Doylestown, PA know that these shingles coexist well with nearly every environment. You’ve probably got a lot of friends, and get invited to every party!

If you’re practical and economical:

You are a rubber roof! Rubber roofing, which is glued into place, is a lightweight and wallet-friendly way to cover your home. You probably love a good bargain, and you know that a penny saved is a penny earned!

If you’re dramatic and love to be on top of fashion trends:

You are a slate shingle! Slate shingles are widely regarded as the most attractive roofing material. They come in a wide variety of colors, so have many options to choose from to suit your specific design preferences. You are probably on all your friend’s best-dressed lists, and you know the power that a great new look can bring to your confidence level.

If you’re classic and trustworthy:

You are a metal shingle! Metal roofing is one of the safest and most durable choices. A metal roof that is properly maintained can last for decades! You’ve probably managed to hang onto the same friendships forever, and everyone knows that they can count on you for a word of advice or a shoulder to cry on.

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